Darrall Clifford presents this multi-part series that demystifies the science behind trimming the equine hoof.

Darrall explains how to trim the hoof with a view to improving the horse’s orthopaedic balance, what to look for in the shod horse and how to perform a basic trim.

About the instructor

Course Provider

Darrall Clifford

Darrall Clifford has built a reputation as one of the most reliable and experienced Hoofcare Specialists on the Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia).Darrall’s reputation as a consultant, educator and guest speaker has him traveling extensively conducting training courses, lectures and consulting on biomechanical problems in the equine today. Darrall and his wife Dr Lena Clifford DVM are on a mission to improve equine health and soundness worldwide. Both he and Lena remain dedicated to researching this very complex area of structural and functional podiatry and maintaining orthopaedic balance in equines.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Orthopaedic Balance of the Equine

    • ​Disclaimer

    • General Risk Assessment

  • 2

    Trimming Theory

    • Checking the hoof balance

    • Dressing (trimming) the foot

    • ​After Filing

    • ​Check for contracted heels

    • Finishing the wall

  • 3

    Practical Trimming & Shoeing Basics

    • Introduction and preparation & Case Study - Cooper

    • Removing old shoes and evaluation

    • Sole cleaning and pathology

    • Minimising the impact of shoes

    • What to look for

    • Cooper - Case Study wrap up

  • 4

    More Practical Trimming Techniques

    • Introduction & Case Study - Neon

    • Assessing alignment

    • Trimming to landmarks

    • Neon - Case Study wrap up

  • 5

    Check Your Understanding

    • Preparation Quiz

    • White Line Quiz

    • External Pathology Quiz

    • Trimming Technique Quiz

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