This FREE course, designed for veterinarians and hoofcare professionals, explores the influence of hoof balance on the upper body of the horse and the consequences of imbalance.

The resolution of equine back pain by chiropractic intervention and the importance of hoof imbalances causing back and pelvic pain have been well established in the arena of animal chiropractic science.

Learn more about this complex subject with our easy to follow course curriculum.

About the instructor

Course Provider

Dr Rowan Kilmartin

Dr Rowan Kilmartin is a consulting animal chiropractic specialist.He has over 36 years of veterinary practice and 15 years as an animal chiropractic specialist. He is an educator and international speaker, and has a master of Chiropractic Science (Animal Chiropractic) from RMIT University.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Equine Body Stress patterns and orthopaedic balance

    • Introduction

    • Equine orthopaedic balance

    • Types of hoof imbalances

    • Low Heel High Heel Syndrome

    • High Heels

    • Medial Lateral Imbalance Syndrome

    • Hind limbs: Latero-Medial Imbalance

    • Origins of orthopaedic imbalance

    • Fascia and orthopaedic balance

    • Common orthopaedic imbalance compensation

    • Orthorpaedic Imbalances from foetal development and birth trauma

    • Central Pattern Generator

    • Adjusting the foal to achieve orthopaedic balance

    • Cerebral Dominance and orthopaedic balance

    • Conclusion

  • 2

    Part 2: Innovative Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Back pain arising from hoof imbalances

    • DDFT reflex technique

    • T-reflex

    • Conclusion

    • Course E-Book

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