12 Exercises to improve your horse's performance

Daily Dozen Exercises for Your Horse

Improve your horse's flexibility, strength and performance with these easy exercises

The horse’s unique physical structure and its co-ordinated biomechanics underpin this system of exercises. These unique exercises affect the soft tissues which influence the way your horse moves.

This exercise system has been trialled on horses which had previously required repeated chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy or other forms of physical therapy. In nearly every case the horses were found to perform significantly better as a result and required no further attention from the therapist or chiropractor.

These exercises do not replace a physical therapist or equine chiropractor, but they will ensure that your horse will need far less therapy – not just saving you money but providing you a lifelong formula for success.

Dr Rowan  Kilmartin
Dr Rowan Kilmartin
Course Provider

About the instructor

Dr Rowan Kilmartin is a consulting animal chiropractic specialist.

He has over 36 years of veterinary practice and 15 years as an animal chiropractic specialist. He is an educator and international speaker, and has a master of Chiropractic Science (Animal Chiropractic) from RMIT University.


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